Special Performance for 2017 Chisholm Trail 150th Year Celebration

In 2017 the trail will be officially 150 year old and in celebration of the trails anniversary I will be traveling across the states telling amazing stories of the Chisholm Trail and about the super cowboys who drove the cattle north looking for their fortune.


My father told us stories of how cattle were drove up the Chisholm trail in order to fetch a better price. The cattle were only worth $4 a head  in Texas but if they they drove them north their profits could increase their profits 10 times making each cow worth about $40 a head for each full size longhorn. So many a cowboy took a chance crossing Indian Territory expecting graet rewards. The trip tested even the toughest cowboy. The cowboys had to cross rivers and pass through Native American land where they had to pay a tolls to cross or they were under fear of attack and losing everything.

In 1864 the adventurous half Cherokee Native American trader from Tennessee named Jesse Chisholm scouted out  the trail as a means to transport his goods in his wagon from one trading post to another.

I will of course be bringing hundreds of trick rope for everyone to give a spin.

If you would like to have me for a visit please drop me a note on my Contact Us page so I can make plans for a visit.


Procter & Gamble and Old Spice called SWAGGER

It was a privilege to be a project advisor on western theme product launch for Procter and Gamble  for their 2106 Old Spice promotion on a new smell called SWAGGER. I met the Old Spice advertising writers at a ranch in Granby Colorado at the C Lazy U Ranch. My job was to tell them stories of the Wild West and assist them with material for promotions. While I was there I demonstrated some rope spinning and surprisingly none of them had ever seen a trick roper before. Of all the shows Iv performed in this bunch was the furthest from being country I had ever seen. They were pretty high on themselves yet I felt sorry for them because they never cruised a dirt road or tasted mountain oysters.

This was the nicest ranches I had ever visited. Itis a 5 star resort. You could ride a horse and get a message all in the same day. One of their tradition at the ranch is running in their massive herd of herd of horse early morning as the sun comes up and the guest set around with a cup of cowboy coffee watching.

Cowboy Comedian The Oklahoma Kid along with Comedian Mark Curry performing Comedy Central “Laughter is the best Medicine”

Marty Tipton works alongside Mark Curry Albuquerque Convention Center to a sold out crowd August 2015. Tipton and Curry are possibly comedy’s best kept secret and undoubtedly one of the funniest comedians in the world. His partner Mark Curry got his big break in 1992 as the star of hit television series Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. These comedians have worked alongside  Drew Carey Show, Martin, and Jamie Foxx in their early years.

Playing Will Rogers on Broadway in the WIll Rogers Follies was exciting!

Playing the trick roping Will Rogers in the Broadway production of the Will Rogers Follies was a lot of hard work but it was super exciting and fun.

Right after that I got another in another great part in Broadway show called America The Beautiful were I rope as Will again along with the Phil Hormonicmonic Orchestra, way cool!

I Love the stage and even had offer to move to New York for a full time position as a director and performer for a large sum of money, they even offered to through in an apartment and  pickup but I turned it down to stay in the county with my family. Of course I still fly out every week to perform somewhere and even New York the first of this year again. Yep

Marty Tipton Speaks on behalf of the Smithsonian Institute

Tipton Speaks on behalf of
the Smithsonian Institute
on Woman of the Wild West

Museum has created a new exhibit
highlighting the women who organized,
managed, and performed in Wild West
shows. These skilled women toured the
world in the late 19th and early 20th
centuries, influencing millions with their
courage, determination, and independence.
The women of the Wild West shows
represented idealized images of the past,
but they were also agents of cultural
change who challenged the expectations of
what women were capable of doing.

Corporate Client Banquets

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Wild West Show Productions by Tipton Entertainment

Marty Ray Tipton also known as the Oklahoma Kid is an all-around live entertainer who is sure to make your event stand out for all the right reasons. Tipton’s charismatic humor and stage shows with lasso spinning performances are the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your guests engaged in a interactive entertainment that lets them to experience the feeling of the Wild West.


Always popular, this modern day western entertainer with over 20 years of experience offers something for everyone with his dynamic presenting style, demonstrating his talents as an humorist and trick roper with a fantastic set of skills that is certain to have mass appeal. Always popular on any occasion for notice or calibration. A professional performer committed to making every occasion a memorable experience, this master of ceremonies and entertainment specialist is bound to be the highlight of your celebrations.


Versatile and creative, Tipton has an extensive event hosting background, having entertained audiences around the world at all manner of occasions. Building an instant rapport with guests, he brings passion and energy to every performance, and can easily adapt to any situation, ensuring that your event is in safe hands.

He will expertly keep your audience’s focus, get your message across, and carry out his role with perfect timing, guaranteeing that the whole occasion is a success.


Bound to captivate with his witty and magnetic stage persona is renowned for his uncanny ability humor audiences while performing amazing lasso spinning stunts with ropes up to 100 feet long. As a professional entertainer, he will delight attendees at your celebrations as he flawlessly moves from one trick to the next as audiences listen and watch with amazement.

Articulate, creative, and unforgettable, this skilled presenter will make all the difference at your special occasion, and is ideal for ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate events, product launches, private parties, conferences and more, and is now available to book for events worldwide.

Professional experience in Live Stage Entertainer, Radio and TV presenter, Product Launch Compere, Event Host, Emcee, Event Compere, Celebrity Event Host, Festival Entertainer.


COWBOY ADVERTISEMENT: Word of mouth; to pass along, to speak to another of good news about a fellow.

 Marty and Dallas Tipton First Public Appearance 

101 Ranch Wild West Rodeo

Ponca City Oklahoma


100 Year Anniversary

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Visit with Senator John McCain inIndianapolis

john-mccainRan in to Senator John McCain at the World War Memorial in Indianapolis recently while performing for a Meryl Lynch Financial Group at another location.  He was most defiantly one of the nicest men I have ever met. He held a round table for veterans at the memorial and we all got to share out thoughts. Indianapolis is a city everyone should visit. The monuments there were astonishing.