OSU Fan Day w/ Chester & 20k fans




Had fan hanging out with the OSU coach Mike Gundy for the day. Great guy and love the hair coach!



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Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, Bella and Marty Tipton @ Cattleman’s Annual Conference Supporting the BEEF Industry

It was an honor to be guest a speaker at the Cattleman’s convention at the Embassy Suits Norman Oklahoma. IMG_1192

My friend Matt Pinnell who is now the Lieutenant Governor Of Oklahoma, Matt is a fantastic speaker. He had all the guest cheering with laughter when he mentioned having the image BEEF on out state car tags on it. The association gave Matt a new silver belly cowboy hat, that fit him perfectly. HE makes a great cowboy and he can trick rope even. You can see him wearing his new hat here.


Daughter Bella Tipton and Lt. Governor Matt Pennell and myself OCA convention.


While at the convention I had a great time visiting with old friends swapping stories of working cattle as a boy at auction yard.

This is a photo of the daughter of the auctioneer Whitey Norse  who was one of my mentors. Whitey worked for my Uncle Red Walker who owned the Live stock Auction in Tonkawa Oklahoma. My entire youth I worked there along side my father and my life long friend Billy Scott another great cowboy and bull rider.

I have to say that working on the feed lot and auction yard thought me more than all my years at the University. I learned how to auctioneer among many other skills that can only be learned on the job.


Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association (OCA) exists to defend the beef cattle industry at our Nation’s Capitol, our State Legislature and in the media. The OCA represents about 5,000 Oklahoma ranching families. We believe that by standing together, we can meet issues head-on and impact the changes and ideas that will affect our future and our livelihood. Cattlemen share common interests, including respect for the land and livestock entrusted to us. Standing together we can protect those common interests.


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An all-around live entertainer who is sure to make your
event stand out, and his charismatic humor and lasso
spinning performance is the perfect choice when it
comes to keeping your guests engaged.



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Catoosa OK Educational Program of Will Rogers story, Oklahoma History & Trick Roping Lesson

The Francis family loved the hands on roping fun!


Everyone had a chance to learn about the Oklahoma roots and our Wild West show  history as well as Oklahoma’s favorite son and family relative Will Rogers. Every Educational presentation I bring large poster board size photos of the Wild West characters who worked with my Grandfather and Great Grandfather in the Wild West shows in the early 1900s. Characters like Buffalo and Pawnee Bill, Geronimo, Bill Picket and Annie Oakley and many others. The stories told are all 100% true and have been handed down over the generations from my grandfathers and on to my father Raymond Tipton to me and my children who are the 5th generation Entertainer.

At the end of every presentation I hand out trick roped and teach trick roping to whoever is willing to given it a spin. Each year I teach hundreds of beginner trick ropers the basics. Some have went onto become stage performers and rodeo arena acts. Like Will I never met a man I didn’t like. I try to find good in everyone and sometime we have to look really hard but its there and being positive in a blessing.


Every program we have if family orientated and is fun for all ages, not just for small children only, but even for young adults to seniors. Everyone loves trick roping!

Marty has a 100% Guarantee he can teach anyone to spin trick rope no matter their condition! So why wait contact us today and check to see if he is available for your next gathering.

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Thank you and God Bless

M. Tipton

Houston Energy Conference, Wind Energy Here to Stay!

Houston Energy Conference at Marriot Marquise Convention Center was a huge hit especially in the Wind Energy sector.


Being a guest and host entertainer for Mortenson Energy for the Houston Energy conference was very educational to me about the power of wind energy. After looking at all the many devices for a wind generator to function Iv found that there are only a few Key parts to the operation but a lot of work goes into the technological side of the industry. Of course the Generator and a lot of wire primarily and wind.


Marriot Marquise Convention Center

One of the most interesting things about the Wind Generator is the servicing of the machine. They use many devices to raise to the top of the tower to build and repair the wind mill. They use very High-Tec drones that are preprogramed to look at and analyze every part of the mill. One wind farm can produce just a tad bit less than a coal production energy plant, with out the burn off. Wind energy is here to stay and they claim to be the best new clean energy solution.


Next year the Conference will be held in Denver and I look forward to seeing what’s happening in 12 months. Last year I was fortunate enough to work for the Corn Gowers Association representing cleaner fuel.


What do you think will be the next big deal next year?


This is a transportation device from Germany that drives to the top of a wind tower at top speeds. I tested in in the coliseum and it moved like rocket up and down and there is not much to hold on to!


Small Rig demonstration! I tried to drive it but I had no fuel!


There were many booth set up at the Marriot Marquise Convention Center that were huge and held many employees working to supply Mortenson with supplies, equipment and support.





Below photo of the power plant 1/3 of the generator behind me that sits on top of the wind mill. And they use a scope to look inside to inspect them with endoscope that I am playing with there.

Marty Tipton @ Houston Texas 2019 Energy Conference


Tipton Family to Entertain Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies Roundup: May 15, 2019 Gallagher Iba Arena, Celebrating 50 Years of Awesome!

Bristle 10 year old and her sister Bella who is 11 will be performing alongside their father World Record Holding Trick Roper Marty Tipton for the Grand Opening Ceremonies for Special Olympics May 15, 2019 Gallagher Iba Arena. Oklahoma athletes numbering in the thousands, meet in Stillwater every year in May for the Summer Games. Staff and hundreds of volunteers are on hand to make sure athletes have three days full of competitions, Olympic-style ceremonies, an Olympic Village, food, housing and many fun activities.

tipton family

Special Olympics Oklahoma athletes will compete in nine sports: Athletics (Track and Field), Bocce, Bowling, Golf, Horseshoes, Powerlifting, Unified 3-on-3 Basketball, and Unified Softball. Other events include Motor Activities and Stars of the Future.


Hundreds of volunteers are needed to plan, organize and accomplish a successful Summer Games every year. People interested in volunteering at the Special Olympics Summer Games should contact the State Office at 918-481-1234 or email info@sook.


For a detailed Schedule of Events, visit the Schedule of Events page!

Please visit the Special Olympics of Oklahoma’s social media pages for more information: Facebook and Twitter


Houston Texas Energy Conference 2019 Representing the Wind Energy, for Mortonson Corperation


This year I am traveling to Houston to take part in the Energy Conference on May 21st. Mortenson Corp. a fantastic company utilizing wind to produce energy. I stopped and spoke with some of the people who haul and set them up the wind turbines.  I want to learn all I can about the benefits of the Wind energy.



Energy Sector Expects 2019 Growth in Renewable and Natural Gas Projects.

The oil industry converges this week on Houston at CERAWeek, the largest gathering of top energy executives in the Americas, with oil majors showing a bigger presence as the United States has taken the crown as the largest crude producer in the world.

After a year that saw international crude oil prices surge to more than $87 a barrel in the fall then tumble, the market has been calmer of late, even with production limitations imposed by a combination of OPEC’s output cuts and large-scale sanctions placed on Iran and Venezuela by the United States.
U.S. crude output has rocketed to more than 12 million barrels a day, surpassing former leaders Russia and Saudi Arabia, but that success comes as independent U.S. shale companies are reducing drilling under pressure from investors demanding improved returns.
Even with prices at relatively stable levels, U.S. sanctions on Iran and Venezuela could disrupt the current calm. It remains unclear whether the United States will continue to offer some Iranian oil buyers purchase waivers, and whether Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro will face additional sanctions.
Both U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Energy Secretary Rick Perry will speak at the conference.


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The 10th annual Rock Island Arts Festival and Schedule of Events

The 10th annual Rock Island Arts Festival schedule and events BELOW in Chickasha Oklahoma, and there are a ton of things to do and the list of events is below. I will be there Saturday 12pm till 5PM so be sure and stop by and say howdy!

The Chickasha Area Arts Council’s (CAAC) 10th annual Rock Island Arts Festival (RIAF) 2018 is Fri., Sat. and Sun., Sept. 28-30, 2018 in downtown Chickasha!
All of the fun and festivities of ‘Celebrate Chickasha’ will be on the grounds of the beautiful and historic Rock Island Train Depot and Mill Building areas located on E. Chickasha Avenue. The Opening Ceremonies begin at 10 am on Stage Two.
Artisans, Crafters, Writers, Activities for Kids, Food Trucks, Wine and Beer Tents, Entertainers, Organizations and Businesses will be ready for visitors at 10 am on Fri. and Sat. and 12 noon on Sun. The Festival closes after the last music performances on Fri. and Sat. evenings and at 4 pm on Sun.

Sept. 28, Friday
10:00 am – RIAF Opening Ceremonies – Stage Two
10:00 am – Artists and Vendors Booths Open – All Day
4:00 pm – Ron Blankenship Steel Drums – Stage Two
4:00 pm – Children’s Art Class – Depot
5:00 pm – Love to Dance Studio – Main Stage
6:00 pm – Children’s Art Class – Depot
6:00 pm – Thomas Keneda – Stage Two
7:00 pm – Tim Brauer’s First Look Band – Main Stage

Trick Roping on Saturday Oklahoma Kid
Sept. 29, Saturday
10:00 am – Artists and Vendors Booths Open – All Day
10:00 am – Shane Harris – Main Stage
11:00 am – April’s Dance Studio – Main Stage
11:00 am – Children’s Art Class – Depot
11:30 am – ‘Together We Heel’ Presentations – Stage Two
12:00 pm – Jayden Cooper as Michael Jackson – Main Stage
12:00 – 5:00 pm – Oklahoma Kid – Roaming the Grounds
12:30 pm – Children’s Art Class – Depot
1:15 pm – Edmond School of Rock – Main Stage
1:15 pm – Rock Island Ride (Ride the Rock) Presentations – Stage Two
1:30 pm – Pottery Demonstrat CAAC Booth Center of Festival
2:15 pm – Chloe Davis – Stage Two
3:00 pm – Children’s Art Class – Depot
3:00 pm – Kohl Jackson – Stage Two
3:20 pm – Cali Sickler – Stage Two
4:00 pm – The Belonging – Stage Two
5:00 – 7:00 pm – Children’s Open Studio – Pumpkin Painting – Depot
5:00 pm – Brightside Flight – Main Stage
6:30 pm – Michael and Lela Dalby – Stage Two
7:30 pm – Travis Linville – Main Stage

Sept. 30, Sunday.  12:00 pm – Artists and Vendors Booths Open – All Day
12:00 – 4:00 pm – Children’s Open Studio – Depot
1:00 pm – Mitch Williams – Stage Two
2:00 pm – Southern Highway – Main Stage
2:00 – 4:00 pm – Casey and Mina – Roaming the Grounds
4:00 pm – RIAF closes

Hope to see you there!


Lottery Commission North American Annual Banquet Party included the United States, Canada and Mexico

Tipton Entertainment produced the live entrainment for the Annual North Americas Lottery Commission Banquet. It included a representative from every state and province in the North American Continent of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


The Banquet was held in the new Multi-Million Dollar History Center Complex in Oklahoma City. The production included over 65 live entertainers with specialty acts form Native American Hoop Dancers and Emmy Award musician to World Champion Trick Roping.

As the guest arrives at the entryway we had a dozen mounted Natives American a horseback to greet them and as they walked through the hall to the interior of the building 50 more Native American dancers, in full regalia stomp danced to a heart-pounding rhythm of their drums. It included a magnificent light show with Native American symbols flashing across the interior of the building. The scene was breathtaking beyond belief. The first floor was set for a 5-course dinner along with more live entertainment by the Emmy award-winning flute player John Two-Hawks. Later in the evening, Country and Western music started playing on the second floor where we had a full bar and dance floor with live DJ and a line dancing.

natives at Lottery COnvention

With drums pounding and lights flashing we produced a magnificent evening of Country and Western fun and excitement like nothing ever seen before.

The building was decorated from top to bottom with real ranch furniture form Loric Ranch Furnishing from Oklahoma City Stock Yards.

Native American dancers, singers, and drummers come to represent each tribe in the state of Oklahoma.
indian girl dancer

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Thanks to our partners Loric Ranch,