Houston Energy Conference, Wind Energy Here to Stay!

Houston Energy Conference at Marriot Marquise Convention Center was a huge hit especially in the Wind Energy sector.


Being a guest and host entertainer for Mortenson Energy for the Houston Energy conference was very educational to me about the power of wind energy. After looking at all the many devices for a wind generator to function Iv found that there are only a few Key parts to the operation but a lot of work goes into the technological side of the industry. Of course the Generator and a lot of wire primarily and wind.


Marriot Marquise Convention Center

One of the most interesting things about the Wind Generator is the servicing of the machine. They use many devices to raise to the top of the tower to build and repair the wind mill. They use very High-Tec drones that are preprogramed to look at and analyze every part of the mill. One wind farm can produce just a tad bit less than a coal production energy plant, with out the burn off. Wind energy is here to stay and they claim to be the best new clean energy solution.


Next year the Conference will be held in Denver and I look forward to seeing what’s happening in 12 months. Last year I was fortunate enough to work for the Corn Gowers Association representing cleaner fuel.


What do you think will be the next big deal next year?


This is a transportation device from Germany that drives to the top of a wind tower at top speeds. I tested in in the coliseum and it moved like rocket up and down and there is not much to hold on to!


Small Rig demonstration! I tried to drive it but I had no fuel!


There were many booth set up at the Marriot Marquise Convention Center that were huge and held many employees working to supply Mortenson with supplies, equipment and support.





Below photo of the power plant 1/3 of the generator behind me that sits on top of the wind mill. And they use a scope to look inside to inspect them with endoscope that I am playing with there.

Marty Tipton @ Houston Texas 2019 Energy Conference



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