You can now rope in the dark.  Developed the first rope with light inside but they were to delicate and could not withstand the beating I give the rope while spinning, until now.

Iv invented a new rope you can spin and catch with and is extremely sturdy. Here I’m testing out the new durable rope for the first time. The test was a huge success and is going to look great on stages across America.

Remember you seen it here first. Marty Tipton




Published by Oklahoma Kid

Marty Tipton also known as the Oklahoma Kid is a Trick Roper and Comedian & Humorist. He a fourth generation lasso spinning artist with relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by way of his grandmother McSpadden who was a cousin to Willy or the legendary Will Rogers. Tipton is a modern-day humorist with a western twist who sends audiances rolling in the isles across america with laughter and amazement.

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