Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Drug Abuse for Children Conference, Embassy Suits Norman OK

What a wonderful dedicated bunch of folks. We had guest in attendance for the Mental Health for Children and Drug Abuse division conference for Department of Human Services held here in Norman Oklahoma at Embassy Suites Conference center.

In a time were children fall prey to so many problems with drugs and abuse in and around the home this department may be the only link to helping out an individual child in desperate need.


After working with children and assisting with fund raisers for many years across the state I have seen first hand the how lost these poor children are and desolate and oppressed they feel. I can assure you that most of us only occasionally hear of the issues pledging our youth. So I am thankful for the work done by this department.

But being a proactive parent docent guarantee your child to be safe 100% from drugs or abuse but it will give the child a chance to over come problems as they arrive. And in some cases were parents can’t afford treatment or mental health DHS is the only answer.

I believe in our system because I lived in a third world country, the Republic of Panama were Mental Health departments are nonexistent and the pre-teen children are left to fend for themselves with out a parents help at all. Many of them die on the streets and are never missed. And others are abused and used in drug trade business and other extreme exploitations. I know this because I worked to protect children while serving in Counter Drug Narcotice for US Army Devision special operations. Iv personal rescued children from Narco processing plants and even visited the Mental Health Department at Gorges Hospital in Panama City in the Republic of Panama while living and working there. Gorges was the only public Mental Health facility available in a city of almost one million people. The ward held about 30 patients and half of them had to sleep on the floor. The staff at Gorges explained to me that by the time a person arrived at the facility it was generally to late and their chances of survival we very thin and generally someone passed away about every day do to over dose or abuse.  With almost 50% in poverty mental health and drug assistance was not one of their concerns. Even worse cities in Panama like Colone were the unemployment rate was 50% to 70% at times and cries and drug abuse was like rabies among he people. These children often ended up processing drugs or die without any choice and many never made it to their teen years. In 1989 each one of us in my platoon was give an Presidential award for rescuing Narco children. But in truth we only made a very small dent in the problem. The children there in Panama are still abused and mistreated every day.



So after living were children die so frequently form these issues I thank God for allowing us to have the facility here in the United States to help the children we can reach.

All one needs to do in times of trouble is to learn to ask for help.

I want to thank Julie Jones,  Leah Scoles and staff for allowing me speak and share a few laughs while discussing one of Americas most important issues. I fully support every effort of those who are working to help other, and especially those who work to protect and assist our children.

Written by Jennifer Ramseyer as told by Marty Tipton



Published by Oklahoma Kid

Marty Tipton also known as the Oklahoma Kid is a Trick Roper and Comedian & Humorist. He a fourth generation lasso spinning artist with relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by way of his grandmother McSpadden who was a cousin to Willy or the legendary Will Rogers. Tipton is a modern-day humorist with a western twist who sends audiances rolling in the isles across america with laughter and amazement.

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