Marty Tipton Bio.

Marty Tipton is a fourth generation lasso spinning artist and comedian and Humorist. Also known as the Oklahoma Kid,  Tipton has been performing publicly since the age of 9 years old.  After decades of training Marty has achieved enormous notoriety  as a public speaker and trick roping comedian and it is no coincidence he has talent, he is a Native Oklahoman with relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by way of his Grandmother McSpadden.

For generations Tipton’s forefathers performed in legendary shows like the Pawnee Bill, 101 Ranch, Buffalo Bill Wild West Show as well as the Tom Mix Circus and many others. Marty has taken his performance all the way to Broadway and was with the Will Rogers Follies for several years.  Performance genes have trickled down through the generations and are clearly evident when you see him speak and perform. Since Will Rogers himself Tipton is the only cowboy known to crack up an audience with laughter while spinning a lasso. He has performed in just about every type of venue imaginable making crowds laugh in everything from Corporate Banquets to community  festivals. Tipton now produces and performs in venues for many corporate  banquets, fundraisers, festivals and fairs all across the nation. For more information please fill in the blanks and we will get back to you within 48 hours and for faster booking call (405) 465-0022

The Oklahoma Kid Trick Roping Comedian

Published by Oklahoma Kid

Marty Tipton also known as the Oklahoma Kid is a Trick Roper and Comedian & Humorist. He a fourth generation lasso spinning artist with relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by way of his grandmother McSpadden who was a cousin to Willy or the legendary Will Rogers. Tipton is a modern-day humorist with a western twist who sends audiances rolling in the isles across america with laughter and amazement.

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