Marty Tipton Speaks on behalf of the Smithsonian Institute

Tipton Speaks on behalf of
the Smithsonian Institute
on Woman of the Wild West

Museum has created a new exhibit
highlighting the women who organized,
managed, and performed in Wild West
shows. These skilled women toured the
world in the late 19th and early 20th
centuries, influencing millions with their
courage, determination, and independence.
The women of the Wild West shows
represented idealized images of the past,
but they were also agents of cultural
change who challenged the expectations of
what women were capable of doing.


Published by Oklahoma Kid

Marty Tipton also known as the Oklahoma Kid is a Trick Roper and Comedian & Humorist. He a fourth generation lasso spinning artist with relative ties to the legendary Will Rogers by way of his grandmother McSpadden who was a cousin to Willy or the legendary Will Rogers. Tipton is a modern-day humorist with a western twist who sends audiances rolling in the isles across america with laughter and amazement.

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